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School Supply Lists

New Century International Middle School 2016-17 Supply Lists
*Additional items may be requested by the team or by the elective teacher.

NOTE: All students will be required to purchase a lock from the school in order to secure a locker.

Click here for a printable version

6th Grade:  Team Olympians                       This is an image of various school supplies.
4 composition books
1 three subject spiral notebook
1 USB Flash drive
1 pack of colored pencils
2 highlighters
3 boxes of tissue or Kleenex
2 packs of 12 ct. pencils
1 white clear cover binder – 1½ inch
1 pack of 2 pocket dividers with tabs
1 pencil pouch
3 Clorox wipes
2 medium size hand sanitizer
2 6-pack glue sticks
1 pair of scissors
$8.00 for class novel from our visiting author, Carrie Ryan

7th Grade:  Team Poseidon
#2 pencils – two or more packs
lined notebook paper – 2 or more packs
flash drive
Personal earbuds or earphones from Dollar Store (to be kept in locker or pencil pouch)
Clorox wipes
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
pencil pouch or box
colored pencils
2 glue sticks
personal scissors
one pack dry erase markers
$8.00 for class novel from our visiting author, Carrie Ryan

Social Studies
1 composition notebook

1 composition notebook

1 five-subject spiral notebook (preferably Five Star)

notebook (to be used in only math): (need only choose one of the following options)

  • 1 – 200 or 300 page journal notebook (Walmart or Big Lots for less than $5) OR
  • 2 – 100 page composition notebooks (no spirals please)

1 folder with pockets & prongs
1 pack of 3×5 index cards

8th Grade: Team Zeus
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 hand sanitizer
ear buds (dollar store)
flash drive
number 2 pencils (mechanical)
notebook paper – lined
2 five-subject notebooks
1 three ring binder – 1½ inch
2 packs of 3×5 index cards
4 one subject notebooks
highlighters (yellow only)
1 pack of page dividers
2 colored pencils
$8.00 for class novel from our visiting author, Carrie Ryan

6th Grade Art
one-subject notebook
pencils & pink erasers
Clorox wipes
small/medium metal can – fruit, veggie or soup (clean & lid removed)

7th Grade Art
thee-subject notebook
pencils & pink erasers
multi-colored permanent markers
sketch Pad 11”x8.5” or larger, spiral bound (white drawing paper without lines found at AC Moore or Michaels)
dry erase markers
2 bags of dry beans or peas for mosaic project.
dark red – red bean
black – black Beans
white – navy or northern beans
pink – kidney beans
yellow – split peas
green – split peas
brown – pinto beans
red brown – cranberry beans
(Please do not bring mixed beans like 15 bean soup mix or other mixed colors.)

8th Grade Art
three-subject notebook
pencils & large eraser
multi-colored permanent markers
sketch pad 11”x8.5” or larger, spiral bound (white drawing paper without lines found at AC Moore or Michaels)
shoe box with lid (empty, adult size)
multi-color modeling clay
dry erase markers
Clorox wipes

one-subject notebook
pencils with erasers
colored pencils
index cards (4×6) or recipe cards (4×6)
Clorox/Lysol wipes
liquid hand soap
24 pack juice boxes (Hi-C, Kool Aid or other)
hair ties for long hair, if applicable

clear cover binder –  ½ or 1 inch
page dividers
2 boxes of Kleenex
hand sanitizer
Clorox/Lysol wipes

Published by Pamela Sands on February 15, 2017
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