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Dress Code Policy

*CCS Dress Code Policy Update* effective 9/24/19

Dress Code for Students:                    

Students dress contributes to the school atmosphere.  Students are earnestly advised to dress with good taste and in so, they will be contributing to the general pride of the school. The administration has the discretion in making judgments relating to the appropriateness of dress to include jewelry.  We want our students to look like they have come to school to work hard and achieve greatness!  Our dress code was updated this school year to align with consistency when transitioning to high school.

What students wear and how they look is a reflection of the pride they take in their school and in themselves.”

Dress Code:

  1. No dresses, skirts or shorts shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  2. No sagging pants allowed.
  3. Leggings, yoga Pants or any other skin tight clothing will be considered undergarments and must be worn with appropriate dress attire which comes to no more than 2 inches above the knee.
  4. No holes or slits in clothing unless the holes are patched or skin is covered with leggings. This includes jeans.  No skin should be shown.
  5. Tank tops must have straps that are at least 2 inches wide.
  6. No belly shirts, spaghetti strap clothing, or muscle shirts permitted (Shirts must cover the shoulder and stomach.)
  7. No clothing that shows cleavage.
  8. No sheer or see through fabric in tops or bottoms unless it has solid fabric underneath it; this includes but is not limited to, crochet, lace, sheer or knitted fabrics.
  9. Hats, toboggans, bandannas, do-rags or other head coverings are not permitted to be worn or attached/hanging from an article of clothing or other personal item belonging. All head coverings must be kept in the locker for the entire school day.
  10. No bedroom attire or bedroom shoes.
  11. No inappropriate signs, emblems, or language on clothing.
  12. No wallet chains or chains on clothing
  13. No sunglasses will be worn; to include wearing them around the neck, on the head, face or on an item of clothing.
  14. No Spikes on shoes, clothing or accessories.
  15. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  16. Coats and jackets can be worn in the building to and from school and then stored in the locker. If the building is cool, a student can wear a light jacket but it must remain unzipped and open.

If a student is in violation of the dress code, students will change into scrubs that are provided by the school.  Parents will be contacted. Students will be sent back to class to lessen the amount of class time missed. If a student refuses they will receive disciplinary action.

Noncompliance with the rules listed above may result in disciplinary action.

Water bottles must be clear and contain only water.

Published by Pamela Sands on February 18, 2020