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Club Offerings

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NCIMS offers many opportunities for all students to participate in a variety of clubs. Applications for clubs can be picked up in the main office.
We currently offer the following clubs for students:*

Battle of the Books
Battle of the Books is open to all middle school students and requires that students read select books for comprehension, memorize titles and authors, and be able to discuss the books they’ve read with others in the club. Each student participating in Battle of the Books will read an “expert set” of 9 books from the NCSLMA list of 27 titles and become familiar with the characters, plot, setting, and details of their “expert set” before going to our county-wide competition. Winners advance to regional and state competitions.

Board Game Club

Chess Club

Forensics involves public speaking competitions. Students compete in interpretive (Humorous, Duo, Dramatic, or Storytelling), public speaking (Original Oratory), or debate (Public Forum or Extemporaneous Speaking) categories. With the exception of Extemporaneous Speaking, students will prepare their pieces/arguments to perform at competitions in advance.  All interpretive and public speaking pieces must be memorized. Students will need to rehearse their piece at home daily and be prepared to present it in front of the coaches and team members during practice for constructive feedback. There are four regular tournaments held throughout the school year.  There are also regional and state competitions for those who qualify. 

Junior Student 2 Student
Student 2 Student is a program for military-connected children.  We apply four key issues of transitioning students: academics, finding the way, relationships, and acceptance.

Men of Valor
Calling all gentlemen.  If you’re looking to explore the principles of leadership, purpose, and identity then the NCIMS Men of Valor is for you.

Model United Nations (UN)
This club allows students to dive into world topics and have interesting discussions and competitions about global news and issues.

National Junior Honor Society
The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) honors students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship.  Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.  Membership is by invitation only for 7th and 8th grade students with an overall grade average of 85% or higher from the previous school year and for the first grading period of the current school year.  Eligible students will receive an invitation during the first week of January.

This is a local chapter of a multi-city Christian organization. This club focuses on building leadership skills, character, and Christian values. The goal is to make the school a better place for all who attend. Students will have the opportunity to participate in community service projects and other creative activities designed to help teens live out their faith in a practical way. Weekly meetings are student-led.

Science Fair
NCIMS supports an incredible group of young men and women who are on a path to change their lives, and the world, through science. 

SistaKeeper is an all-girls club designed to build healthy self-esteem, a sense of sisterhood, community awareness and purpose. SistaKeeper empowers young women to be inspired to develop their mind, body, and spirit into women with a strong sense of self and purpose, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of themselves, and their community.  During our meetings, we will conduct SistaKeeper Circles. Circle talks will focus on building self-esteem, leadership awareness, diversity, friendship/relationship building, body image, nutrition, conflict resolution, community awareness, etc.  The SistaCircle’s focus is to nurture interpersonal development.

Student Government Association  (by election)
Do you want to serve as a leader in our school? Do you have what it takes to help your classmates effectively express concerns to teachers and school administration? Would you like to make New Century International Middle School even better than it already is? Come and join the Student Government Association! Run for leadership positions and gain valuable knowledge and skills about how these amazing organizations are run. Meetings are held two to four times per month during the school year. NCIMS is currently a member of the NC Association of Student Councils.

Titan Ambassadors
The goals of our Titan Ambassadors Club are to increase incidents of kind acts and positive interactions within the school community and local Fayetteville community; to decrease incidents of unsafe behavior and bullying; to promote a positive and inviting school climate for ALL students; and to empower students to be accountable for themselves and others by demonstrating the Titan expectations.

Yearbook  (8th graders only)
Yearbook club members will work on creating various layouts to publish the NCIMS yearbook.  Club members need to be dedicated, committed, creative, organized, and enthusiastic individuals who are willing to work as part of a team. Students must be able to work with others, be reliable, meet deadlines, and put in extra work sessions as we near our deadline. It is important for yearbook club members to be energetic, outgoing, and motivated with superior writing and/or photography skills. We are looking for students who will go the extra mile to make our yearbook the best!

*Other clubs may be added throughout the school year.

Published by Pamela Sands on September 24, 2019