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photograph of Gemette McEachern wearing a blue jacket

Mrs. Gemette McEachern Principal

Educational Background: I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a BA degree in Middle Grades Education Social Studies and a minor in Language Arts. I received my Masters in Middle Grades Education Social Studies and my Masters in School Administration from University of Pembroke

Educational Philosophy: All students can succeed academically, socially, and emotionally if they are placed in the right environment to learn.

Leadership Mission: I want to create an excellent environment where my staff wants to work and my students want to learn. “ Everything we do, we do it with “Excellence”!
Leadership Vision: New Century will be the place that parents will send their students to gain a true global experience. My goal is to be the leader/ principal that I would want to work for.


photograph of Tiffany Burks wearing a blue jacket

Mrs. Tiffany Burks, Asst. Principal

Educational Background:  I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a BA degree in Speech and minor in Communications Broadcast News. Later, I received my masters in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in English Language Arts.  MSA-School Administration K-12

Educational Philosophy: Learning can only take place when the environment is conducive for learning. 

Leadership Mission: I want every student to know that they are loved, accepted and destined for greatness despite life’s challenges, circumstances, and situations. Planning with action to secure a positive future for our students by establishing a unified organization that understands the vision with action. 

Leadership Vision: New Century will be the place that enhances the developmental process of learning for all. Life-long learners who aren’t afraid to take risks in the confines of education through a positive sense of community.  

photograph of Mick Stoker wearing a black suit and striped tie

Mr. Mick Stoker, Asst. Principal/Athletic Director

Educational Background: I graduated from Pembroke State University with a Bachelor’s in Science degree in Health and Physical Education and a minor in Middle Grades Science.  MSA -School Administration, Pembroke State University

Educational Philosophy: All students are capable of learning and progressing academically, socially, and emotionally when placed in the appropriate setting and taught at the correct level of difficulty.

“Today’s Learners are Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Leadership Mission: I would like to create a mission of excellence where the staff looks forward to teaching and the students are eager to learn each and every day.

Leadership Vision: New Century International Middle School will be a place that parents want their children to attend and that  student’s look forward to attending each day.

photograph of Anette Fernandez wearing a blue jacket

Ms. Annette Fernandez, Administrative Intern

Educational Background: I earned a Bachelor of Science in both Spanish and Social Studies Education from Fayetteville State University. I then proceeded to earn a Master’s in Education in Early Intervention and Family Support from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in School Administration from Fayetteville State University.

Educational Philosophy: The education of our students needs to be a partnership between the home and school. Students are able to succeed if they are receiving support from both of their learning communities. 

Leadership Mission: I want to find ways to bridge the gap between home and school life so that teachers, students and parents are able to effectively communicate with each other.

Leadership Vision: New Century International Middle School will be a place where students, teachers, and parents feel acknowledged and heard. 

Published by Pamela Sands on September 24, 2019