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NCIMS Spanish Quiz Bowl Team Places Second at Competition
Published by Pamela Sands on May 21, 2018
photo of three NCIMS Spanish quiz Bowl team members

NCIMS Spansih Quiz Bowl Team Members (l to r): T. Dixon, team captain W. Konefal, and A. Plaza

by Deborah Sanchez-Macy

Did you know that learning a second language makes you smarter, helps you make better decisions and improves your skills in English.  Several studies have shown it is even know to stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia.  After knowing all of this, of course, we at Cumberland County believe we should do all that we can to promote world languages.   Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.  Almost 18 percent of the population in the United States is of Hispanic origin and that number is growing.  Spanish language acquisition, understanding and integrating core concepts is the goal of the Cumberland County Spanish Quiz Bowl Competition.

This year Cumberland County Schools World Languages – Spanish Department  held its annual quiz bowl for Spanish. The quiz bowl began in 2010 under the direction of Carmen Villalobos, K-12 World Language Curriculum Specialist and Claudia Diaz, Spanish Teacher.  The quiz bowl contains questions about culture, history,  food, geography, sports, art, math, science and grammar from primarily 21 Spanish-speaking countries. The competition was held Saturday, May 19 at Spring Valley Middle School. The quiz bowl begin at 8:30 in the morning and lasted until 3:30pm. Five rounds then 1 semi-final round were held to determine which two teams would go to the final 3 rounds.  Gray’s Creek Middle School and New Century International Middle School teams reached the finals. After rounds 1 and 2 the two teams were tied. At the third and final round Gray’s Creek Middle School lead by Spanish Teacher Luis Portillo pulled ahead to won first place. New Century International Middle School lead by Spanish Teacher Deborah Sanchez-Macy placed second.  Last year Gray’s Creek Middle School also lead by Luis Portillo placed first. New Century International Middle School placed third last year and for the first time went to the final round to proudly place second.

As a parent have you ever wondered if all the after school activities have any benefit?  Well they do. Children learn not only the most obvious skill it provides but teamwork, strategy,  confidence, socialization, and decision making skills. Students and teachers who are part of the quiz bowl teams spend hours after school each week learning all the information they can about the topics given.  As a teacher watching dozens of children show up early on Saturday and answer so many questions about a variety of world topics I felt proud. Proud and hopeful for the future. You would be amazed by what they know.  When the world gets negative about the future all you have to do is watch the wonderful students we have here at Cumberland County Schools.

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